I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me for A Week and This is What Happened

The fashionista’s equivalent of a trust fall.


When you love someone, you trust them.

For me, this means being able to take a nap while they’re driving or leaving the fate of my Qdoba order in their hands.

I trust my boyfriend, Ben unconditionally.

What better way to show people that than having him pick out my clothes, hair, makeup and jewelry every day for a week?

My Rules:

1. I can’t have any influence over his choices.

2. Tell as few people as possible, to gather genuine responses.

3. Follow each day’s instructions flawlessly.

His Rules:

1. No groutfits.

2. He wasn’t allowed to read my thoughts before writing his.

His initial thoughts: She will vouch for me, it took at least two hours. I precisely planned out each outfit for what the weather was each day and according to her plans. So, I will go through the choices that I made in order to bless Chelsie with my fashion sense this week.

My initial thought: I’m not worried. My boyfriend worked at Buckle and he knows me better than anyone. He’s not going to dress me in super weird outfits. The only apprehension I have is him picking out things I don’t feel that confident in. He thinks I’m beautiful all the time so that definitely helps. But, I’m excited to see what he will come up with.

Day 1

Haley Birkner

His thoughts: Today, it was about 70 degrees. Chelsie had a presentation in class and work through the day. So, I went with a spring feeling red top tucked into a long black skirt. I layered her shirt with a jean vest that topped the outfit off perfectly. With her silver necklace, earrings, her hair half up and her comfortable black sandals, she was looking fresh.

My thoughts: As a rule, I don’t wear a lot of maxi skirts. I am self-conscious about my height and maxi skirts aren’t made for those of us above 5’5”. Regardless, I put on the outfit and loved it. First of all, I have made it a personal mission to buy clothes that are comfortable enough to wear to bed. I have to dress up every day so you can bet I’m all about that comfy life. Ben did a great job keeping that in mind.

Daily Score: 9/10

Day 2

Kayla Knapp Patricia Bartley








His thoughts: Tuesday is babysitting day!! This was easy; I picked out her favorite shorts and the funny shirt I got her for Christmas with her comfy hat that matched the shorts’ stripes. I planned this so it was easy for her to wake up early and get going: no make-up and no hair maintenance. Later that night she hit the North Hall BBQ with a long sleeve MBU shirt and jean shorts with flip-flops.

My thoughts: I had two separate things going on this day. I babysit every Tuesday so I have to be comfortable and wear things that I don’t mind getting covered in snot, spit or other bodily fluids. He picked out shorts and a t-shirt. (He got me that shirt for Christmas, lol.) This was perfect. The second part of the day, I had a cookout at my resident hall. What better outfit combo than jean shorts and a school-spirited long-sleeved tee. He kept my makeup simple and he added my favorite hat for comfort and a hassle-free day. He kept in mind what I had to get done that day and I really appreciated that.

Daily Score: 10/10

Day 3

Haley Birkner









His thoughts: On Wednesday, Chelsie has to work in the office and is on RA duty at night. So, with the weather being a nice 73 degrees, I picked out a navy blue casual dress with pink and Carolina blue flowers on it. She had a jean jacket to keep her warm inside because she is cold all the time. To top this off, she wore her hair in such a beautiful bun. I love when her hair is up; it matches her style and fits her really well. For her night on RA duty, I let her wear her softest sweatpants and t-shirt so she could relax.

My Thoughts: I bought this dress from my mom’s clothing boutique (shameless plug: It’s amazing in there.) It’s so soft, it’s adorable and it just might be my favorite item in my closet. I have to say I was a little hesitant about the shoes because they’re a little more statement-making than I usually go for when I wear a dress. But I ended up getting a ton of compliments. The second photo is “RA Chelsie Chic.” One of the many moments that reaffirmed that Ben was my soulmate, was when he pulled out these sweatpants and said, “these are your favorite, so you obviously have to wear these.” God bless this man. He finished the outfit off with a simple t-shirt and no shoes for the win. #freethefeet

Daily Score: 9/10

Day 4

Haley Birkner

His thoughts: This was by far my most professional outfit. She had to dress up for a mock interview and work. I went for all black and made sure she wore a blazer. Since it was a very formal interview, I had her straighten her hair, and wear only silver studs for jewelry. Also, she wore her favorite color lipstick which is a darker pink color that is not too bold, but it shows professionalism and beauty. Chelsie was dressed for success.

My thoughts: This was the most impressive day. Since I couldn’t tell Ben what to pick out for me, but I knew I had this really important networking event and a mock interview, I did lay a few ground rules. All I told him was that I had to wear my black pants and a blazer. He picked out every other detail of my outfit and did such. a. good. job. I felt so confident in this outfit. Since I’m a journalism major, I get to go for a little more edgy-professional style and Ben picked this out without a hitch.

Daily score: 10/10

Day 5

Haley Birkner

His thoughts: The final day she wore a green blouse with skinny jeans and a brown long sweater to go over the blouse if need be. To kick it off, she walked in what I call her “punk boots” which go fantastic with the darker top of her outfit and with the skinny jeans, as well. I had her just let her hair go free. Let it down, but just naturally, not curled or straightened. This is probably my favorite hair style of Chelsie’s.

My thoughts: This outfit. I will say, I have worn all of these items together before. I love this outfit. The shirt is from Target (where else) and is made of the softest material ever touched by human hands. The pants and boots are from my mom’s store. Literally, the only problem I have with this outfit is that it was almost 80 degrees and I had to wear boots. I don’t like shoes, pretty much ever, but especially on days where I could very comfortably walk bare-footed. This was the only flaw, unfortunately… it was a big one.

Daily score: 7/10

His final thoughts: I worked at the Buckle for a few months two years ago, so I have just a little experience with picking out clothes and knowing what looks good together. Also, since we’ve been dating for almost eight months, I do know her style and what she likes (or at least I try my best to know!) I really enjoyed this experiment and I hope you all liked my taste, BUT I would prefer to not turn this into a habitual thing. My head was starting to throb when I got to Friday’s outfit. I’m having some empathy for her, trying to figure out what she’s going to wear every day. Even if you all didn’t like them, I thought she looked gorgeous in all of them.

My final thoughts: Overall, this experience was great. It started out weird when he called one of my dresses a “Hobbit/Forest/Hipster dress” but ended up being really good. He didn’t dress me in anything horrendous and people were complimenting me all. week. long. I think Ben has a really definitive taste and that is, simple. Everything he picked out was tasteful and didn’t have a lot going on. This was good because that’s definitely a word I tell myself every morning when I pick out my outfit. I think this was good for me to let go and have someone else take over for a little bit. And I think it was good for Ben to realize exactly how much work goes into being a girl.

Total score: 45/50


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