11 Things You Start to Feel at the End of the School Year

Homelessness, peanut onion sundaes, openly weeping. What do all of these things have in common? April.


The end of the spring semester always resembles the final mile of a marathon. There are the few students who, unlike the majority of us, stayed on top of their assignments and projects. They fly through the finish line like they do nothing but train for marathons. Like they run, freaking everywhere.

Then there are the rest of us.

The ones who after signing up for the marathon continue to put off training while eating pizza and taking endless trips to Dunkin’. We know all along that the marathon is coming, the schedule has been up for months and we constantly had people saying, “Hey, shouldn’t you be training?” But we shrug them off and now … here we are. Crying, exhausted and suffering from an inexplicable stomach cramp.

Regardless of which one you are, here are 11 feelings we’re all feeling as school comes to an end.

1. Each morning your bed is more comfortable than the last.


It’s your sanctuary from the cold harsh reality that school is still a thing that’s happening.

2. No matter what class it is, you will wake up with just enough time to put pants on and sprint out the door.


Your dignity no longer exists. It belongs to your professors now.

3. Your classes are wrapping up. It’s finals prep and you’re getting those last few pages of notes in. So naturally, you’re trying to catch up on all the notes you “forgot” to take.


Regret for the hours of Pinterest surfing during Philosophy class sets in.

4. The choice between pizza and salad becomes increasingly less difficult to make.


After all, no one stays up late to work on a paper while eating kale.

5. Then the seniors and the people who got an A in the class get to leave before the final and never have to come back.


“It’s OK,” you tell yourself. You needed the extra points anyway.

6. Your dorm room is littered with the remnants of your year-long sojourn from cleaning and organizing. There are simply no cares to give.


Where did it all come from? How many mugs do I need in my cabinet? Why are there so many Bread Co. bags littering the floor? When did I buy all these pillows?

7. Oh. I have three more papers to do? And two presentations? And a resource binder? Good.


With just the right combination of coffee, naps and carbs, I might be able to get all of that done and still survive.

8. How important is a college degree?


Dog? Check. Duffle bag with essentials? Check. Flannel shirts? Check. Being a hobo is sometimes the realest option.

9. I could totally do my homework outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.


It’s not my fault the grass is softer than the finest Persian rug and the sun embraces me like the snuggles of a thousand Labrador Retrievers.

10. If I drink too many cups of coffee, will I ever be able to fall asleep again?


Is that scientifically possible? Do I even care at this point?

11. The only food left in my room is a browning banana, spicy chickpeas and half a container of strawberry ice cream … is it possible to make a meal out of this?


Anything is possible if you trust hard enough in yourself and believe.

Good luck fellow students. May your nights be long, your spirits high and your pizza cheesy.


This blog appeared on theodysseyonline.com.

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