Are you the Typical Millennial?



We are a generation characterized by streaming unlimited television, arthritis-inducing phone gripping and political ignorance.

Born between the years 1980 and 2000, Millennials have been fascinating people all over the world, but what really makes a Millennial so distinguishable?

Many say it’s our selfishness, short attention spans and narcissism, but I beg to differ.

Coming from smack in the middle of Generation Y, I am constantly hoping for a future where I am no longer categorized as a lazy know-it-all.

According to research by Neil Howe and William Strauss of Rice University, typical Millennials are team-oriented, achieving, confident and special.

When older generations view us with negative stereotypes, why do I see a group of people overflowing with potential?

I have never really been a people-person and sometimes I get fed up with the attitudes of my peers, but one thing I’ll never be able to deny is our thirst for bettering.

Whether that means ourselves, our workplaces or the world, Millennials are passionate about striving for greatness.

Instead of always seeing selfishness, I choose to see ownership.

Instead of limited concentration, I see multitasking.

Instead of egotism, I see confidence.

We are a generation of people who want to see a change in this world and we want to be the ones engineering a difference.

What type of Millennial are you?

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